About Us

[DOL] De Oppresso Liber Clan was founded on December 28th 2017 by DisturbedDragon AKA "D", SDPY15 AKA "SD" and Facknrite AKA "Fack".
Who we are?
The [DOL] clan is more than a group of gamers, it is an international family sharing good times playing PVE/COOP games, with members from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Peru. Even though we are a small group, we are always looking for new mature players willing to join our family and share good times gaming or just chatting.
What games do we play the most?
Our main game is Insurgency Sandstorm and previous to that version we used to spend a lot of time playing Insurgency 2014. Other games we play are:
  • Borderlands 3
  • Ground Branch
  • Day of Infamy
  • Insurgency 2014
While those games are not the only ones that our members play, they are mostly the ones where you can find [DOL] Servers except Borderlands 3 since it is not possible to host our own server for that game.
Main Language
English and sometimes Spanglish.
Our main servers are located in Texas running AMD Opteron CPU's, thank you to DisturbedDragon. The clan have enough hardware and space to run any game server out in todays market.
Interested in joining us?
If you are interested into become part of our family please keep in mind that you have to be at least 20 years old(we may do some exceptions),  mentally mature no matter what old you are, drama free with a good sense of humor and team oriented. If you are a lone wolf, Rambo kind of player, then don't waste your time and don't make us waiste ours. Otherwise you can contact any of our members and ask them you want to join the clan. Make sure you have TeamSpeak installed and a working mic.

Latest News

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  • CTE Update #001: 1030 Testing
    ⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️ These release notes are for the 1030 testing build, not to be confused with the actual (and upcoming) 1030 release. If you have […]
  • Patch 1030.1
    GROUND BRANCH Version 1030.1 Build ID: 5556979 (client) / 5556987 (dedicated server) Download size: 99.5 MB (client) / 57.1 MB (dedicated server) This Build Update details the […]

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