1.5 - Patch 4 Hotfix, January 29

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  • Addressed a number of additional console commands and ini variables that players could exploit to gain an unfair advantage during public matches.
  • Addressed a console command exploit that would allow players to kill themselves before a match began to provide dropped weapons and gear for their team mates.

  • Reworked rankings to more accurately represent top players

1.5 - Patch 3

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  • Fixed a frequent crash encountered by certain players during the splash screen sequence or shortly after arriving at the main menu.
  • Fixed a potential server crash caused by the code that checks for spawn locations.
  • Fixed a potential server crash caused by the soundscape system if it encountered an invalidly set soundscape.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where after firing an underbarrel grenade launcher, then reloading, should the player immediately resupply, equipping the grenade launcher again and firing it would not result in projectiles being shot.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to slide just as they landed from a jumping crouch which was not the intended behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where launchers could always get an additional +1 to ammo no matter their carrier level.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Grounded” achievement from being obtainable when using a rocket launcher to destroy a helicopter.
  • Fixed an issue where...

Update 1.5 is live! Performance improvements, new Domination mode, and more!

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Update 1.5 is here with performance improvements, changes to the matchmaking system, a new PvP game mode “Domination”, a player reporting system, gameplay adjustments, and more.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback with us since our last major update. We’ve made a bunch of improvements to the matchmaking system based on your input. In addition, we’ve further optimized the game and added a new Versus game mode, Domination. Although this mode was originally intended as a sample mode for modders, we decided to include it in 1.5 officially due to how well it performed during testing, its ability to function as a strong onboarding experience for new players, and to respond to the requests we frequently get to permanently reintroduce Team Deathmatch into the game. We’ve made a number of gameplay changes including adjustments to weapon sway and recoil, a slight sprint speed reduction, improved reliability of smoke grenades, and more advanced optional separation of vault...

Patch 1.4.2 and Halloween Event Now Live

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We’re releasing a patch today that includes new limited time Halloween content, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more. As stated in our last patch earlier this month, we are still planning to make improvements to the playlist system. Stay tuned here for more, as we will be releasing our third State of Production post soon.

New Halloween Content

  • Limited time Co-op playlist: Task Force 666, Oct. 24th - Nov. 4th
    • We found an old VHS tape of some Australian indie horror film called “Task Force 666” in the basement of our new Calgary office.
    • We watched it. Turns out it was cursed.
    • Our team started getting sick and delirious. Lots of blood.
    • Everyone came to and...

Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes: October 24, 2019

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Today we'll release an update to Borderlands 3 by or before 3:00 PM PDT that fixes a number of reported concerns. In addition, we'd like to outline our goals for patches and hotfixes in the coming weeks. But first, this week's patch notes and hotfixes:

Notes for Patch 3
  • Added Support for Bloody Harvest, the free Limited Time Event starting on October 24 and ending December 5.
    - During the event, the Main Menu will now become spooky when the micropatch has loaded and the event content is available
  • Fixed a report bug resulting...

Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: October 17, 2019

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This week’s Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, adjust Legendary gear across all manufacturers. Our goal with Legendary gear is to enable a large variety of playstyles and builds for all characters. After looking through the data, we found that that some pieces of Legendary gear were greatly outperforming others and felt they were limiting builds instead of increasing them. In addition, some of the damage output of Legendary gear limited the growth in combat engagements for the future so we tuned everything to an acceptable median. We expect all Vault Hunters to be able to create amazing builds and we want to support that with more ways to grow and reach those power levels.
Weapon Hotfixes
  • Westergun damage increased by 25%
  • ASMD damage increased by 28%
  • Cutsman damage...

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