Community update 02/03/19

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Hi everyone,

After Thursday’s update, we have observed an increased number of threads and reviews mentioning a performance decrease with our move to Unreal 4.21, as well as a higher frequency of certain issues which we thought had been vastly mitigated. Our programming team has been working hard to try and isolate and resolve these issues, which include problems pertaining to invisible hands/cosmetics, player desync, and the competitive leaver penalty. While we are working towards a near-term hotfix, we also plan to spend the coming weeks further polishing the game before working on new content.

With regards to performance issues since the update, we have provided some steps below which might help. While many have reported worse performance in the update, during our Closed Testing Environment testing we received data indicating that the majority of people saw improved performance in the new version, many having reported vastly improved performance. This suggests the issues are...

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