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Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: October 10, 2019

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This week's Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, address some player character passive abilities, gear balance, and some quality-of-life issues across the game. We're watching the character builds that players are creating and are looking through all the different gear available to make sure that there is something for everyone. This week, and in the coming weeks, there will be further adjustments to gear with the hopes of creating even more build types. Our goal is to adjust some of the less-used Legendary gear to bring them to the same level as some of the more popular options.
In addition, we are addressing reported bugs and are hard at work continuing to address other performance concerns. Thank you so much for your feedback and support. Please continue to submit any bugs you run into at...

Patch 1.4.1 Now Live

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Given feedback to update 1.4, we’ve decided to make some further changes to the playlist system. We’ve been listening closely to the community’s thoughts and opinions, and we are actively working to iterate on the system in a way that is healthy for the community and its playerbase. Please continue to share with us your feedback, and know that we will be making further changes as necessary as we did with this patch and the hotfixes before it.

It is important for us to understand our playerbase better and learn what experiences our players want the most. Do note that these experimental changes are not set in stone, and we will be closely listening to the community’s feedback. As mentioned earlier, we do welcome constructive feedback to these changes. We just made a new Suggestions/Feedback forum on Steam, and encourage the community to post feedback there. Please read the...

September 20 Hotfix

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We are releasing a hotfix today that improves the playlist system, improves movement animations, fixes improper AI loadouts in Co-op, potentially fixes the Hillside Firefight West crash issue, and makes other changes.

We are aware of the current player population issues with Versus playlists Firefight and Skirmish. We are currently working to address this and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on the Steam forums, official forums, and Reddit.

See the full changelist below:

Critical Fixes
  • Fixed a rare case where a player could potentially spawn under the map if they initially idled after joining a Frontline or Push match and spawns were disabled...

Update 1.4 is live! New snow map, PvP mode, limited time game modes, and more!

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Update 1.4 is here, bringing even more new game mode, level, weapon, and cosmetic content, all of it free for everyone who owns Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Experience a total overhaul to the Play menu with playlist based matchmaking, map and game mode voting, and limited time playlists that feature special game modes with a twist and new update content. Check out new tug-of-war inspired PvP mode Frontline which plays like a two way Push mode match. See our new snow map Hillside, a reimagining of the classic Insurgency map Sinjar with support for all game modes. Play Gunner in a more mobile role with the new Insurgent Galil and Security Galil SAR weapons. Equip new Security Shell jacket and Insurgent Winter jacket cosmetics for the Torso slot.

Full update changelist below:

New Playlist System...

September 5th CTE Patch

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Today we’re patching our Community Test Environment (CTE) to test the content in the upcoming version 1.4 game update. You can try out update 1.4’s new snow map, new game mode, new weapons, new cosmetics, and a brand new playlist system right now on the CTE by going to your Steam Library and downloading “Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment”.

Please be aware that this is a developer test build of the game and you may encounter unexpected bugs or issues. Content shown in the CTE is not final and may or may not be implemented into the public version. There are no restrictions on recording, streaming, or discussing the CTE, however, it’s important to disclose that any footage or feedback is in relation to the test. The CTE will close at the end of the testing phase. Please see our blog or social media for details. Information on the CTE can be found...

Community Survey - Fall 2019

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We want your feedback on what you want to see happen in Insurgency: Sandstorm. Please take just 15 minutes to fill out our survey here[] and let us know what new content and changes you would like to see. Our ears and doors are open!

Questions include topics like:

  • New weapons (semi-automatic shotguns, grenade launchers, assault rifles)
  • Match length
  • Weapon sway and suppression
  • “Mutated” custom game modes (Bolt-actions Only, supply point gain by player score, drop live grenades on death, etc.)
  • Community player reporting system
  • Vote kicking players
Check out the link here...

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