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Boost your FPS

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I found this video tutorial on how to optimize your Sandstorm game. Since i already followed other guides specially on the nvidia settings which i already had i just only replace the engine.ini file with the one i downloaded from the video description which i will leave you the file as an attachment.

I really didn't replace any other file but i did the changes on steam, i also didn't use the launch option that says NOTEXTURESTREAMING since that option is for high end video cards.

So without further due, here is the video:

Insurgency: Sandstorm Survey Results and Community Update

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Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, we made a blog post previewing some upcoming content and explaining the change in our development philosophy to take a more community driven approach to our post-release content production. Over 9,000 of you took part in our survey, sharing your thoughts on the direction you feel we should take the game. Our team have been analyzing your feedback and would like to thank everyone for taking part in helping shape the future of Sandstorm. Below are some of the results and what players can expect both near and long-term.

We asked you: Where do you think the developers should focus their efforts if you had to choose one?

The results clearly indicated a strong desire for new features and content (44%), followed closely by optimization at (33%). Quality of life improvements (9.5%), gameplay and balance improvements...

Mobile App for Android phones

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I'm glad to announce the launch of our first version of our Android mobile app.

You can download the app by clicking here.

Sorry apple users, we ain't paying $99 to upload the app into the App Store.

For the android users, download and install the app if it tells you you can't install it follow this guide:

As usual if you have any issue trying to install it even after following the guide please let me know or reply to this topic.

Sandstorm News Update

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We brought in some heavy machinery to help build our upcoming map Compound

Your teammates won't be the only thing that gets carried in our upcoming map!

New Forum System

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As you all noticed the forum looks and feel different. The reason is that we decided to migrate forums system for a new one that would allow us do more things and implement more mothern and better looking templates.

Even tho we implemented a new template not long ago on our old forum system, we didn't feel that comfortable with it and we decided it was time for a change. Move to a new system that looks good, easy to use and that we can get plenty of resources at our hands.

We lost our tutorials section, profile songs and a couple more things but they will come back soon. You will find new features on this new forum system like adding your gaming profiles for twitch, youtube, discord, steam, etc that can be found when you edit your profile, we will bring a portal to the forum system soon.

You can find 2 forum skins, styles, templates whatever you wanna call it for now (Tactical and Apex), you just need to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the template name and select...

Help shape the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm!

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As revealed in our latest community update post, we will be taking a more community-focused approach to post-release development in the future. As part of this shift, we've released the post-release content survey[] to try to get a good sense of what changes, features and content the community wants in the future.

This is a great opportunity to contribute your opinions, thoughts and ideas. We highly suggest you fill it out as soon as you can.

Thanks for all your participation and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you...

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