July 11th Patch


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Dec 28, 2017
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We are releasing a patch today with various fixes and improvements. This patch is focused more on fixing things rather than adding new content. However, we do have more content in the works, all of which will be free. You can view our development roadmap here to see the content we have planned over the next 6 months.

Full changelist below:

Critical Fixes
  • Fixed crash with spectator camera.
  • Fixed a cosmetic exploit which would allow a player to become invisible.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bipods not properly deploying on sandbags.
  • Fixed a case where weapons could end up in a minute-long audio loop.
  • Fixed molotov rag fire particle not always being removed when the weapon is unequipped.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players using the FAL to fire before a speed reload was finished.
  • Fixed the initial M4A1 the player picks up in the Tutorial Level not having its Laser Sight upgrade enabled.
  • Fixed reloading issues with grenade launchers.
  • Fixed missing scenario images for Ministry and Outskirts on the map vote screen.
  • Fixed anti-materiel rifle ready animation sequences not playing.
  • Fixed the following extended mags not having the extended mag icon setup correctly: M82A1 CQ, M99, MP5A2, MP5A5, PF940, VHS-2
  • Fixed QBZ-03 HUD image not showing the handle properly.
  • Fixed navigation issue where Q and E wouldn't navigate properly on the post match screen.
  • Fixed third person SVD and SKS reload animations not playing.
  • Fixed incorrect texture on the first person M16A2 muzzle brake.
  • Fixed incorrect ready animation playing when using an AKM with a drum magazine and foregrip.
  • Fixed collision for bus door. Not like they’re in service anyway though.
  • Fixed some rendering issues that caused decal blending issues between decals that were using different channels.
Gameplay Improvements
  • Being suppressed by enemy gunfire no longer increases your weapon recoil.
  • Increased first person grenade draw and holster speed by 10%.
  • Improved Slide by removing a “tolerance” that would initiate a slide if a player pressed Crouch shortly after stopping sprinting. This tolerance was meant to help with sliding that wasn’t timed correctly by the player, but instead had led to a lot of accidental slides. Now players should be able to crouch more consistently when they want to right after sprinting.
  • Made various weapon and weapon upgrade:
    • Increased VHS-2 and QBZ-03 recoil.
    • M1911 suppressor is now 2 supply points instead of 3 to make it more consistent with the other Secondary suppressors.
    • VHS-2 can now pick up QBZ-03 mags and vice versa.
    • QBZ-03 can now pick up M4/M16 style magazines.
    • Disabled Melee Attack for Heavy Machine Guns. This was seen as too gamey and unrealistic, as well as looking strange in terms of animation.
    • Added 1.5x PK-AS for G36K for Security in cooperative modes.
    • Competitive changes:
      • QBZ-3 supply cost changed to 7.
      • VHS-2 supply cost changed to 8.
      • 1.5x PK-AS supply cost changed to 2
      • Extended Magazines which give +5 rounds supply cost changed to 2.
      • Foregrip supply cost changed to 4.
      • Foregrip Bipod supply cost changed to 5.
      • Added 1.5x PK-AS for G36K.
  • Fire Support
    • Explosive Drone now requires clear space above when requesting them. This is intended to stop players from calling them in on the garage in Ministry or any other underground area.
Visual Improvements
  • Characters
    • Added facial animations to your character in the Loadout menu.
    • Your own Eyewear should no longer be seen when you are killed.
    • Fixed issue with Carriers where the backpack would extrude past the seats.
    • Fixed t-shirt clipping issues with some Facewear.
    • Fixed clipping issues with Gas Masks.
    • Added details to Insurgent No Armor Heavy Carrier equipment combination.
    • Fixed shemagh's clipping with chest gear.
  • Weapons
    • Added first person transition animations for entering and exiting sprinting in Hardcore Checkpoint.
    • Added missing melee animations to shotguns for muzzle thumps and melee flinching.
    • Third person “world” magazines spawned from speed reloading now spawn off screen. This prevents a duplicate magazine from appearing in view during a speed reload.
    • Fixed component on the VHS-2 charging handle not animating correctly during the ready animation.
    • Fixed QBZ-03 floating handguard.
    • Fixed the AK-74 foregrip disappearing when equipping a Bipod.
    • Fixed issue with underbarrel grenade launcher reloads in third person causing the magazine to move with them.
    • Fixed invisible casing/warhead on the third person M3 MAAWS reload.
    • Fixed shotguns using the incorrect melee animation when using a Foregrip.
    • Added breathing idle animations for the first person Binoculars.
    • Updated the M4A1 and M16A4 barrels to have holes in them.
    • Fixed floaty magazine during the L106A1 pistol reload starts.
UI Improvements
  • Made visual improvements to the map voting screen including adding background blur to make the interface more legible.
  • Made the timer on the map vote screen now stop when there’s a winning map selected.
  • Fixed grammatical errors in certain win condition descriptions that show at the end of a round.
  • Adjusted post-match screen to improve readability.
  • If when attempting to join a community server you receive a network error (mismatched password, server is full, etc.) it will now take you back to the server browser as intended.
  • Tweaked the size and wrapping of the hints on the loading screen to result in better formatting.
Level Changes
  • Ministry
    • Fixed not being able to destroy two windows at the back near Insurgent spawn.
    • Fixed scenario issue that was causing Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents Supply Crates to not appear during gameplay.
    • Fixed light seam in lobby area.
    • Fixed an issue where player was restricted when crouching in lobby area on Checkpoint Insurgents.
    • Added extra entrances for bathrooms on each side of the building to improve level flow for Checkpoint scenarios.
    • Replaced broken mirrors in toilets with decals, added opacity variations of decals, and various other small visual tweaks.
  • Outskirts
    • Fixed Restricted Area not being applied to hill behind Insurgent spawn on Push Insurgents objective D.
  • Hideout
    • Revised Checkpoint Insurgents layout to improve gameplay balance for final objective.
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