May 31 Hotfix


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Dec 28, 2017
Miraflores, Lima
Hi everyone, today we released a third hotfix to address some issues that have been reported since the version 1.2 update. You can view the full change list below.

As always, community feedback helps us improve the game, so we ask anyone experiencing issues after today’s patch to leave constructive feedback on the official forums[] or Steam forums detailing; hardware set-up, in-game settings, videos/images, and where possible, any reproduction steps.

Critical Fixes
  • Improved client-side forgiveness thresholds for hit detection.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Randomize button in the Appearance menu would not save your random roll on exiting.
  • Fixed a main menu crash caused by the Message of the Day if there was no response from the web server.
  • Fixed an issue on Outskirts Hardcore Checkpoint where Ammo Boxes were not spawning.
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting with a grenade launcher in Hardcore Checkpoint would result in the player’s arm appearing broken in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters sometimes rapidly lose altitude if flying over low terrain outside of the map.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a single shot weapon from an AI enemy would result in a continuous reload.
  • Fixed an issue where main slots in the Appearance menu were not applying the chosen cosmetic correctly when clicked on.
  • Players who respawn in Hardcore Checkpoint will now have the following:
    • An unupgraded Mosin if they are Insurgents or an unupgraded M24 if they are Security, both with two clips worth of ammunition.
    • Their Secondary they selected in their Loadout, but with only two magazines of ammunition.
  • Increased the penetration power of M82A1 CQ and M99 anti-materiel rifle rounds.
  • Fixed a potential exploit in Precinct where players were able to access the top of a utility pole.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Uniform Camo not showing correctly in the Appearance menu, Loadout menu or ingame.
  • Fixed Equipment camos not showing correctly on ragdolls.
  • Fixed Eyewear cosmetic item colors not showing correctly.
  • Fixed the “flattening” of certain optics when a player is Aiming Down Sights and also has their weapon obstructed.
  • Fixed an issue where the max player value in the server browser would be defaulted to zero for some players.
  • Fixed an issue where Equipment unlock item popups were using the incorrect background portrait.
We are aware of the following issues and are still working on fixes for them. They will be addressed in upcoming hotfixes:
  • Beta tattoos not showing properly in the Appearance menu.
  • Game audio randomly cutting out. If you are experiencing this issue, please help our team by providing feedback in this thread.
  • SLI setups making level geometry strobe, disappear, and appear dark in general. This issue has been reported to Nvidia and they are working on a fix. In the meantime they will be disabling the SLI profile for Insurgency Sandstorm until this is resolved, we will update you when this occurs. As a temporary workaround we suggest players running the game in SLI temporarily disable SLI for Insurgency Sandstorm themselves.
  • AI weapons may occasionally continue looping audio for some players after the AI has been killed.
  • Class presets not be saving correctly on exit for some players.
  • Various clipping issues with cosmetics overlapping each other.
  • Turrets may jitter when the vehicle is moving.
  • Binoculars may appear to be floating in front of the character in third person.
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