Patch 1.6.1


Sergeant Major of the Army
[DOL] Admin
Dec 28, 2017
Miraflores, Lima
We've just released a patch for update 1.6 that makes some changes to gameplay, and addresses various bugs. Highlights include:
  • Balance adjustments to Tavor 7 and ACE 52
  • Fixed an issue causing player classes to display inconsistently on the scoreboard
  • Fixed or reduced the occurrence of clipping with some of the new cosmetics
  • Fixed a number of exploits on Power Plant

See the full changelist below:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to select different hairstyles when playing as Male Security unless they had Headgear selected as well
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Power Plant image from displaying properly
  • Fixed some clipping issues with the new Insurgent Leather Red, Blue, Black, and Gray cosmetic.
  • Fixed an issue where Domination maps were displaying the full scenario name instead of the scenario type
  • Fixed an issue causing saved replay titles to have incorrectly formatted names
  • Fixed some display issues when wearing the Insurgent Smooth Mask
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Too Cool Headset and female hairstyles
  • Fixed an issue where the Moptop hair and Headset combination could show a bald spot in the hair
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from viewing players profiles from the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue causing player classes to display inconsistently on the scoreboard
  • Reduced the occurrence of clipping with the Covered, Balaclava Open, and various Headgear cosmetics
  • Fixed Compression item having incorrect stitching colors
  • Fixed Headset, Too Cool Headset, Baseball Headset, Watch Cap Headset items having incorrect ear piece and headband colors

Gameplay Improvements
  • Tavor 7
    • Reduced horizontal recoil
    • Reduced vertical recoil
    • Increased fire rate
  • ACE 52
    • Reduced horizontal recoil
    • Reduced vertical recoil

Mod Tools
  • Adjusted the size of the popup asking for consent to download mods from the Community Servers menu
  • Fixed an issue which could show overlapping text in the mod upload status
  • Adjusted the mod subscription polling to prevent it from polling while downloads are in progress, which could potentially cause the download to restart
  • Updated download queues on dedicated servers to function as intended

Map Fixes
  • Range
    • Repositioned the spawn of the vehicle on the firing range so that it drove to the same location more consistently
  • Precinct
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to fall through a floor
  • Power Plant
    • Adjusted a misplaced restricted zone in Firefight East
    • Addressed some exploitable areas players should not have been able to access, or were able to use in unintended ways

Known Issues
  • Smoke not obscuring vision at certain distances
  • The alignment of the 1x Kobra optic is incorrect on the Tavor 7
  • While downloading a mod, attempting to join a match or community server will trigger a black screen

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