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Dec 28, 2017
Miraflores, Lima
We've just released a patch for update 1.6 that makes some changes to gameplay, and addresses various bugs. Highlights include:
  • Fixed the 1x Kobra alignment on the Tavor 7
  • Exposed more options for mod tools and included a new example game mode: Infected
  • Fixed or reduced the occurrence of clipping with some of the new cosmetics
  • Fixed a number of exploits on Power Plant

See the full changelist below:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in Frontline that could cause players to respawn under the map
  • Reduced clipping with the Neck Gaiter High and Covered cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue with weapon statistics not reporting correctly
  • Reduced clipping issues with Watch Cap (with and without the Headset) combined with the female Balaclava Open cosmetic
  • Reduced clipping with the Watch Cap (with and without the Headset) combined with the Neck Gaiter High cosmetic
  • Implemented a potential fix to reduce occurrences of a bug that could cause either severe visual glitches or crashes
  • Added error feedback when a mod fails to submit a rating

Gameplay Improvements
  • Reduced instances of players being able to see through smoke
  • Optimized new Headset texture sizes and corrected headband coloring

Mod Tools
  • Implemented the option to create theater overrides for mods allowing custom faction setups
  • Expanded game mode scripting options
  • Added new example game mode: Infected
    • Match begins with one player on Insurgents and the rest of the match on Security
    • Every time an Insurgent player kills a Security player, the Security player is switched over to Insurgents
    • Insurgents move faster and can only use melee weapons
    • Security must stay alive until the end of the round, Insurgents must kill all the Security team and convert them to Insurgents
  • Added the ability for game modes and mutators to display text in the chat area
  • Removed the Weapon Skin tag as the feature isn’t available
  • Updated the Gamemode tag to Game Mode

Map Fixes
  • Power Plant
    • Addressed some exploitable areas players should not have been able to access, or were used in unintended ways

Known Issues
  • Mods menu
    • When rapidly clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down button to vote for a mod it may get stuck processing
    • Selecting more than one filter will not always display accurate results
    • Rapidly changing filters can cause the page to refresh infinitely. Typing in the search bar or resetting the game should resolve this issue.
  • Tavor 7 with the Kobra has a slight clipping issue when recoiling from being fired
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