Update 1.7.1 Now Live!

Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes

Check out the full changelist and see what’s new in update 1.7.1, in what we’ve dubbed our Clean Sweep update. Clean Sweep aims to optimize and fix bugs, but also deliver a number of little features that will go a long way in improving your moment to moment gameplay. For more information on this update’s production, check out our last State of Production post.

New Features

Added transparent magazine with animated bullets and spring for G36K

Added speed reloads for MG3, PKM, M240B, and M249

Added a “Flat Top” weapon upgrade for M4A1 and M16A4 that removes the front sight post for a clearer view when using 1x optics

Created new first person knife animations

Adjusted the brightness of electronic reticles to make them more visible when using Night-vision Goggles

Added character animation for when blinded by a flashbang

General Improvements
  • Adding AI controlled enemy gun truck vehicles (which can be stolen by players!) to Co-op Checkpoint mode during counter-attacks on maps that support vehicle navigation
  • Set vehicles to respawn after being destroyed until objective A is captured in Push game mode
  • Added Drum Magazine upgrade for the Mk 18 CQBR in Domination, Team Deathmatch, Range, and Checkpoint
  • Adjusted the layering of objects on the Tactical Map so Supply Crates will display above player icons
  • Moved respawn message in spectate to be at middle center of the screen, with an option in Settings to move it back to its legacy position at the top right
  • Improved first person grenade sprinting animations
  • Added the ability for server admins to copy a list of all players in the server to clipboard using the server admin panel
  • Added the ability to filter by servers with mutators and to view the active mutators on a server in the community server browser
  • Fixed an issue in the Loadout menu where weapons you select would display in a different initial position from their final position, causing a blinking effect
  • Added new Welrod animations for when the player is too close to an object and when sprinting
  • Added mouseover feedback to the region selector button in the Play menu
  • Improved the contrast between text color and background color in dropdowns in Profile menu
  • Increased the resolution and compression of the texture viewing cone on the Tactical Map to improve its overall look
  • Updated the objective reminder pop up at the start of a Checkpoint mode counter-attack to say Defend instead of Hold for consistency with other modes
  • Created a new loading screen for when loading a custom map
  • Updated bolt-action rifle reload animations so cartridges are more consistently visible when the weapon’s action is open
  • Updated all the weapon icons to accurately represent their default layout
  • Updated the widget system used for loading screens to prevent potential crashes
  • Improved the physics asset of the player pawn when using different types of armor
  • Made various improvements to Mods menu
  • Added key hints for scrolling on grid view
  • Improved the font size and weight
  • Updated circular loader for images
  • Updated fallback images
  • Improved the button
  • Improved the placement of items in the grid menu
  • Added a background and circular loader when the main images is loading
  • Replaced all Unreal Motion Graphics bindings from HUD elements and replaced them with more performant setters
  • Improved consistency between spectator respawn messages and Loadout respawn messages
  • Improved the consistency of Co-op and Versus terms in various menus
  • Increased legibility of player names on the Tactical Map
  • Updated SMAA 1x and T2x shaders to make them compatible with Unreal’s new post-processing architecture
Optimization Improvements
  • Optimized code aspects of driveable vehicles to improve their performance
  • Enabled the 4.25 Global Invalidation feature for in-game HUD rendering
  • Reduced instances of unnecessary swapping of physics assets on death
  • Removed assets from the main menu that were not visible to players
  • Optimized character movement to reduce CPU overhead
  • Removed individually spawning cosmetic components before merging them on the initial spawn in of players on a level. If the loading is taking too long, players will briefly see stand-in cosmetics on other players
  • Enabled RenderStatic on non-animating components to reduce skinning overhead
  • Detached inactive foliage interaction capsules to avoid associated overhead when the player is not close enough to interact with them
  • Improved performance of character master materials
  • Optimized character movement and rendering at long distance
  • Disabled unnecessary lookup calls in each frame
Engine Upgrade
  • Upgraded from Unreal Engine from version 4.23 to 4.25. This has little noticeable effect for most players, but will be important for further development.
  • Outskirts
  • Fixed the initial spawn location for Insurgents on Push Insurgents so players would not start floating in the air
  • Fixed an issue in Frontline where Insurgents would be split into two spawn locations
  • Fixed an issue on Frontline that would cause the out of bounds message to appear in unintended locations
  • Fixed an issue causing an unintended playable area restriction after capturing objective B in Checkpoint Security
Map Fixes


  • Fixed graphical issues with rocks
  • Fixed incorrect shadows around the destroyed tank
  • Fixed an issue in Push Insurgents where Insurgents could spawn in the air around objective B
  • Removed ability for players to walk on unintended ledges
  • Fixed collision on a number of empty window frames that would unintentionally block grenades from being thrown
  • Fixed a problem with some boulders where players could hide inside them
  • Fixed a hole in one of the caves that exposed the sky
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw a grenade through a wooden plank on the side of a building
  • Removed an invisible object players could walk on near the stream


  • Fixed some objects with incorrect lighting
  • Fixed an instance where incorrect lighting and shadows could be seen on a demolished wall
  • Fixed some spawn points in the Domination layout that did not face objectives
  • Fixed a small gap between walls and stairs
  • Fixed an area where players could get stuck on a sidewalk in Push Insurgents
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck while vaulting over a while near objective C on Frontline
  • Fixed an issue in Summit Domination where objective C could be captured outside the intended capture zone


  • Fixed general lighting issues on the map where lights would shine through small seams in walls


  • Fixed an issue on Push Insurgents where players could incorrectly receive an out of bounds warning near objective B
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck walking up certain stairs
  • Fixed players being able to capture objective A in Firefight West from an unintended location
  • Fixed players being able to capture objective C in Firefight East from an unintended location
  • Fixed floating teacup on invisible table
  • Fixed the ability to capture objective D on Push Insurgents from an unintended location
  • Fixed issues where grenades could be blocked by an invisible wall
  • Fixed an issue in Frontline where it was possible to spawn camp the Security team when objective G was active
  • Fixed an issue on Push Insurgents where objective B could be captured from an unintended location
  • Fixed the Tactical Map for Security while objective C is active to accurately display the restricted area
  • Fixed an area where you can get stuck while vaulting over a wall
  • Removed a potential spawn camping problem in Firefight West
  • Fixed incorrect collisions with some small rock props


  • Fixed a seam in the snow that let you see through the side of the hill…side
  • Fixed general lighting issues on the map where lights would shine through small seams in walls


  • Reduced the size of invisible an collision object that was too large on a pillar in Firefight West
  • Removed walking obstruction from minor small objects that shouldn’t obstruct movement
  • Fixed an issue causing an unintended out of bounds message in Push Security
  • Fixed an issue in Frontline where the Insurgent spawn could be camped while objective C was active


  • Fixed collision spots where players weren’t able to throw objects through various objects they should be able to
  • Fixed an issue where players could capture objective A on Domination by walking on an unintended areas

Power Plant

  • Fixed some invisible walls in the Domination layout


  • Fixed an issue in Checkpoint Insurgents where the objective B spawn zone wasn’t active when the objective was active
  • Fixed a number of instances of light shining through objects that should be solid
  • Fixed an area in Tideway where players could get stuck after vaulting over a ledge
  • Fixed an issue where light was able to leak through a bridge
  • Fixed an issue in Frontline where the Insurgent vehicle wasn’t usable (level designer locked keys in the car)
  • Fixed an area where players couldn’t quite move through a gap between a wall and railing that should have been big enough to fit through
  • Fixed an unintended dark shadowy terrain area near the wall of a building


  • Fixed some objects with incorrect lighting
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially fall through the floor of the elevator and get trapped
  • Fixed an issue in Domination where players could potentially spawn in the air if their respawn location was too close to an obstruction
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue related to ragdoll physics (often caused by the Suicide Bomber) which could cause the game to crash and removed the temporary fix in our last update which disabled some after death ragdoll physics
  • Fixed an issue where bots were not getting blinded by flash grenades
  • Fixed an issue where smoke particles could float away from their point of origin but the smoke overlay on the player’s screen while in smoke wouldn’t move with it
  • Fixed an issue where mid-round auto-balancing would not trigger at appropriate times
  • Fixed an issue in Hardcore Checkpoint where players wouldn’t respawn with all their selected upgrades on their Secondary weapon
  • Fixed an animation stutter that took place while players were slowed down momentarily after taking falling damage
  • Fixed an issue preventing Speaker Configuration and other dropdown options from saving correctly
  • Fixed an issue where switching between prone and crouching while holding a grenade would show the wrong animation
  • Fixed a problem when using the AKS-74U where the animation would break after resuming from an interrupted empty reload bolt pull stage while using the Foregrip upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where some magazines with weapon skins applied would fall through the world when speed reloading
  • Fixed an issue with the Insurgent underbarrel launchers where no projectiles would be seen during reloading animations
  • Fixed an issue with the MICH-2000 Headset and MICH-2000 Cans color variants having the incorrect headphone colors
  • Fixed an issue in the playlist Feature viewer screen where certain detail images would have the incorrect aspect ratio, making them look squished
  • Fixed an issue where the Appearance menu’s Loadout screen didn’t reset the position of weapons when selecting new ones
  • Fixed an issue in the Loadout screen where when selecting a weapon slot and then hitting the Esc button the camera wouldn’t correctly reset
  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Launcher and Smoke Launcher upgrades equipped on the M16A4 or M4A1 using the incorrect third person attachment model
  • Fixed the third person reload animation of the Tavor 7 from clipping into the reloader’s shoulder
  • Fixed an issue on the Mods screen where rapidly hitting Q and E to scroll the screen could get you stuck in an infinite refresh loop
  • Fixed an issue with the first person scaling of the Suppressor weapon upgrade on the MP5A5
  • Fixed an issue with the Flashlight weapon upgrade clipping inside the rail cover on the M4A1
  • Fixed an issue where if players disabled the death camera they would need to click to respawn in Team Deathmatch and Domination rather than automatically spawning
  • Fixed an issue with the M240B reload animation where the hand and ammo box would be out of sync
  • Fixed an issue where some loading screen hints would show as unbound instead of the actually bound key
  • Fixed an issue preventing player reports from being sent in Replays
  • Fixed an issue while sprinting with a pistol where the player’s elbow would bend unnaturally
  • Fixed an issue where when lighting a Molotov while prone it wouldn’t show a flame
  • Fixed an issue where if a player deployed their Bipod upgrade near a wall that restricted their yaw angles the angle didn’t update if the player crawled away from the obstruction
  • Reduced clipping when using the Hoodie Up with various face covers
  • Fixed an issue with multiple rifles where the player’s left hand would appear broken after interrupting a reload
  • Fixed the Ammo Check animation on the SKS so fingers no longer appear broken
  • Fixed various clipping issues with the Half Face Shemagh and different Torso cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue where players performing a melee strike during a reload caused a visual issue
  • Fixed an issue with the MG3 reload animation where when interrupted the bipod would visibly detach from the weapon then reattach
  • Fixed an issue where console input was blocked on the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where performing a speed reload on certain weapons would leave the magazine floating on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where holding strafe and movement to move on a diagonal would not produce footstep sounds
  • Reduced clipping with a variety of cosmetics including the Nightstalker Mask
  • Fixed where when scavenging a magazine from a weapon with a weapon skin, the third person model of the magazine would have the skin, but in the first person model it wouldn’t. This is not yet fixed for the Mk 14 EBR and Honey Badger (see Known Issues below)
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Shell Camo, and Shell Camo Rolled cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue where the first time Basic Training prompt being dismissed using the hotkey ESC would also cause the player to dismiss the matchmaking menu
  • Fixed an issue where M870 and TOZ-194 animations looked incorrect after vaulting
  • Fixed an issue where the quality preset buttons in Settings would shift in size when selected
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt displayed after the game first loads when your account has received a warning or ban had two action buttons bound to the same hotkey
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to see through smoke when using the Holographic and Kobra sights
Known Issues
  • Backwards compatibility of mods has been broken, this is a high priority fix, but as a workaround mods can be recooked
  • Scavenging a Mk 14 EBR or Honey Badger with the Midnight Blue DLC weapon skin will give you a normal unskinned magazine, when it should give you a Midnight Blue one
  • When performing a staged reload the magazine may appear to pop into view during the end of the reload.
  • In-game hints may show a gap between the text and relevant hotkey under certain circumstances
  • Gear on ragdolls may sometimes disappear from them upon death
  • Setting a community server as a favorite does not save
  • The Welrod may clip with the camera in restricted areas
  • The third person vaulting animation may show the players leg clipping with the world
  • Night Maps Replays are played back with the incorrect lighting scenario